Disinfection and Sanitation

TSS carried out fogging services in a professional manner, on time, within budget and ensuring the health and safety of our working staff during and after the work was completed. I have no hesitation to use the team at TSS again in the future.

Warwick Mills, Johnson Controls

The Process

The fogging process is instant and will disinfect the atmosphere as well as all surface areas that the penetrating fog comes in contact with, thereby breaking down and leaving zero residue. The work area fogged can be worked in in as little as one hour after the sanitisation takes place.

Fogging uses a mixture of compressed air or liquid is forced through a very small orifice or nozzle at a pressure of 3–4 bar. The liquid is then atomised down to a minute particle size of 1–10 microns, thus creating the effect of a fine mist or “fog”. The fogging machine may be an all-in-one combined air compressor/fogging unit also containing the liquid, usually in the form of a handheld portable unit.

Fogging machines operate on low noise levels making it ideal for any commercial and residential application including offices, healthcare facility, educational institutions, kindergartens, rest homes, wineries, breweries, restaurants, public areas, dairy industry, cars, buses or a household.

It’s also important to be aware the chemical that we recommend is used is environmentally friendly, bio-degradable and most importantly approved NZFSA as a food contact surface sanitiser in food, beverages and dairy factories.

Site preparation and work as normal

Our teams will ensure the site is prepared and made ready for fogging with little, to no disruption to your staff or working practices. As the preliminary work typically involves the covering of fans, alarms and similar devices, your staff can typically continue their routines as normal. 

This is designed as a non-disruptive element of our visit. Once the actual process of fogging starts, staff will be invited to leave the affected area. This will only be for a short amount of time due to the effectiveness and speed of the fogging process. Staff can return to the area and resume their duties almost immediately after we leave the space.

Quality control

As Covid-19 is an evolving daily, we at TSS are following the strictest advice and guidance of Ministry of Health, Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO). All cleaning equipment, chemicals and procedures are all based on recommendations of these organisations. We also adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to wearing the appropriate PPE gear including the removal of all items off site once used.

TSS are fully certified in Health & Safety, Quality Control and Environmental.

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